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January 30, 2009 
New Stories on My Writing Blog.

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"After our session last week, so much has happened I want to express my gratitude for a wonderful..." - Band Client

Wild Weekend: Buy CD compilations of the BEST SF bands from 2001 and 2002. Then browse through the archives of the most fun four-day music festival that ever graced the San Francisco scene from 1998-2002, Nadine's Wild Weekend. Click here to see more.

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Biography: From Jefferson Starship to Smashmouth, Nadine has been instrumental in the success of some of today's hottest acts. Read Nadine's Bio

Speaking of Religion: Reviews of music and books, interviews with authors, spiritual reflections and misc. writings. More

Hospice Stories: Why I am a hospice volunteer, what is Mission Hospice of San Mateo County, and moving personal stories. More

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