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Nadine's Wild Weekend CD 2001

Nadine's Wild Weekend CD 2002
Nadine's Wild Weekend

Nadine's Wild Weekend, 1998-2002, was a four-day music extravaganza featuring 135 bands, 30 shows, and 20 clubs. It always kicked off at the famous Fillmore and ended (most often) with Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica). From Bimbo's to the Bottom of the Hill, from the Red Devil Lounge to the Great American Music Hall, its purpose was simple: to celebrate San Francisco rock music. Nadine, as the Godmother of Rock, personally chose every musical performer, band, solo act, and group and was the ringmaster and mistress of ceremonies. At every Wild Weekend, she made it to every club at least once, meeting, greeting, dancing and cheering bands and fans on.

This excerpt of Nadine's "welcome" from the 2001 Official Program says it all:

Hello Northern California Music Fans,

I believe in two words: community and opportunity. Nadine's Wild Weekend was created to celebrate the San Francisco music community with fun, inclusive music showcases held in clubs and neighborhood venues that provide entertainment for Bay Area music enthusiasts and industry executives alike. It's an opportunity to discover and embrace our emerging talent; promote and spotlight unsigned bands, and pay tribute to our past and current Bay Area music success stories... I moved here over twenty years ago to be part of something larger than myself. I think I found it...

To read more about those amazing Wild Weekends, including complete coverage, pictures, press, history and more, click here.

Special Wild Weekend CD compilations:

To celebrate the music performed during the Wild Weekend, Nadine produced special compilation CDs in 2001 and 2002. Some of the bands featured have since been included on other worthy local compilations (like the KFOG series), gone on tour, broken up, morphed or moved away. But all of them can claim a place in the vast history of the SF rock scene, as the best SF music in 2002 and 2001. The tracks are rock solid and diverse, substantiating Nadine’s theory that "every band has one great song".

Nadine's Wild Weekend 2002: "Nadine’s Faves Too" features killer tracks by: Karmacoda, essence, Five A.M., Autopunch, The Locals, The Fingers, Kindness, Single, Butch Berry, gimbo, Simon Stinger, west by god, M.Headphone, Victory Gin, Slender, and Scorched-Earth Policy. Click here to buy this special, limited edition "Best of SF" 2002 CD.

Nadine's Wild Weekend 2001: "Nadine's Faves" rocked with: VIV, Glitter Mini 9, Triple 7, Vegas De Milo, Fuse, Beth Waters Band, Buddhakowski, Jim Greer, Lean, Amazon Mollies, Rubberside Down, Venus Bleeding, Ledenhed, Kelly and Kamille, Jet Set, Yellow 5, and Fetish. Click here to buy this special, limited edition "Best of SF" 2001 CD.